Beta Team is a prequel movie to THE LAST SPARTAN the movie well directed be by Cross5002. the Movie well be Uploaded in 4 parts the first part was said to came on 27/6/16 but was pushed forward to 4/7/16 and part 2 came out 31/7/16 the last 2 parts have no date to when they well came out.we know about the Story is that it well based on the marines from the LAST SPARTAN the Cast right now is..

Cast: Cross5002 as Cross,Lendo

Austinstjohn as Austin,Sean

Deadendgamer99 as Gen.Jessie

theCrimsonsouls as Kento



7 years before THE LAST SPARTAN a team of ODST's called Blue Company Drop down to hold off the Covenant. Blue company meet up at FoB and make it onto Achor 8 but then they are attacked by the Covenant Fleet called "the High Justice". the Commander of the team Sean puts a plan into Auction he gets on a Ship with a nuke on it. Lendo and Kento hold off the Covenant force the nuke go off almost killing lendo and the ship clashs into Achor 8 kento dies from the nuke going off when the nuke gos off Sean dies.But the only living Blue Company Lendo stands his gound killing as many covenant as he can he then sends a comm to UNSC saying"this my be last battle but bentra Iv well be taking back" then a beam from a ship from the"the high Justice" hit Achor 8 blowing it up and killing lendo.